Guinea Kimbo & Co. Port Construction Complete

Guinea Kimbo & Co. Port Construction Complete

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In early July, construction of the Kimbo & Co. Port project in Guinea was completed. It’s a joint venture project between Guinea Kimbo Bauxite, China Yantai Port and Singapore Top International Holding and began construction at the end of March 2019.

A source from Yantai Port said that the project cost USD 70 mln. Yantai Port holds 50% of the shares, while Kimbo Bauxite and Top International Holding account for the remaining 50%. The port has two berths with an annual loading capacity of 10 mln t and is about 100 kilometers from the Kimbo Bauxite mine.

As the road currently is under construction, the port is expected to start bauxite shipments from the end of 2019. Road construction will slow, due to Guinea’s rainy season from July to October. The mine is located in the province of Fria, Boke, Guinea, and has a bauxite reserve of approximately 1 bln t.

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