Gourmet Gulf expands into Kuwait

Gourmet Gulf expands into Kuwait

Gourmet Gulf, the UAE-based food and beverage retail company, has earmarked Kuwait for the initial phase of its GCC-wide expansion programme and is planning to invest some USD4-5 million in ten restaurants in the country by February next year.


The first four outlets, in Kuwait City’s Marina Mall, are due to open in June. They are the conveyor belt Sushi concept YO! Sushi, the UK’s award-winning Gourmet Burger Kitchen, the famed Morelli’s Gelato – the first outside Britain – and the newly-created Pizzeria Cucina, the first, solely-owned Gourmet Gulf brand, home-grown in the GCC.

Covering 15,000 feet of floor-space, the ten outlets will eventually employ some 150 people, with leading managerial roles set-aside for nationals.

Gourmet Gulf says Kuwait was chosen for the first phase of regional expansion because the country has one of the GCC’s highest foodservice shares of consumed food. ‘Kuwait, like many of the GCC countries, is over-laden with possibilities for the casual diner – consistent growth in regional economies and the knock-on effect of increased spending power have resulted in a more demanding consumer,’

said Sami Daud, Managing Director, Gourmet Gulf Company.

Pizzeria Cucina has been inspired by an internationally renowned Chef from London who is bringing his signature recipes to customers across the Gulf. The Marina Mall restaurant will feature a locally built, traditional stone oven creating authentic, high-end pizzas.

‘With Pizzeria Cucina we are significantly developing the portfolio of Gourmet Gulf, taking our company vision to the next level. This initiative will be a home-grown brand that we are extremely confident will cause ripples throughout the F & B industry. The potential for Pizzeria Cucina to evolve beyond the GCC is there and we fully intend to nurture it,’ explained Mr. Daud.

Having won the ‘Best Burger’ in London award for the last two years, Gourmet Burger Kitchen is the leader in themed burger concepts, offering diners ‘towering’ burgers of the highest quality.

‘We are committed to delivering the best and GBK has a proven track record of being just that – specializing in fresh quality produce, handled and prepared with care to produce exceptionally fresh and delicious food, GBK gives the customer incredible product satisfaction,’ commented Mr. Daud.

Kuwait’s Morelli’s Gelato will offer freshly made, luxury ice-cream daily. Morelli’s, from their flagship operation in London’s Harrods, have established a reputation as the designer Italian ice-cream and provide another top-tier addition to the Gourmet Gulf portfolio.

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