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The GCC countries have a well established industrial base. Sectors like steel production and aluminium smelting are strategic cornerstones of the GCC economies. The GCC aluminium production has rapidly grown to 10% of the total world production

The GCC industrial base requires critical commodities as raw materials. These include bulk commodities like iron ore and bauxite as well as specialized commodities used in the construction and real estate sectors

Bauxite is one such critical commodity for the region. This ore is used to produce alumina which is then used as key ingredient in aluminium smelting. Access to this raw material is critical for the GCC aluminium industry

Equity-i has founded and invested in a company developing world-class bauxite assets in West Africa. The asset is located in a country that is home to 1/3 of the global bauxite reserves


Commodities are cyclical. We only invest in natural resource assets that can be profitable through the cycle by being low-cost producers with sustainable competitive advantages in infrastructure, resource quality and and speed to market